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Artha -Manthan

The Economics Festival of Mumbai

A festival based only on economics... well that was unheard of in Mumbai campuses about ten years ago. Unlike many other college festivals that offer a little bit of everything, we decided to focus solely on enhancing students' interest and enthusiasm towards economics by bringing the subject to life ! That's how Arth-Manthan was born !

We started in 2001 to celebrate 10 years of liberalisation. We campaigned for further opening up of the economy with a firm belief that it would lead to India finally reaching its tryst with destiny !

Over the years events at Arth-Manthan have been based on themes of economics, finance and development. The festival has highlighted key economic and development issues and stressed on the increasing need for economic reform and better governance both in public and private life! Today the  world is going through an unprecedented turmoil. The biggest financial powers are reeling under recessionary pressures. Traditional economic policies have failed. The world now needs economists who can think innovatively! Learning only outdated theories does not equip an economics student to deal with the kind of challenges the world faces today. Economics students need to have a strong understanding of the current economic scenario... Through Arth-Manthan we aim to get them to analyse economic issues and think like new age economists!

Arth-Manthan aims to attract and enhance students' interest in and enthusiasm towards Economics by bringing the subject to life. The Key Objectives of the festival are to:

  • Enhance the learning process by introduction of 'Action-Oriented' learning.
  • Enhance the learning process by introduction of "Action-Oriented" learning
  • Promote an active student-centered and student-friendly approach to learning
  • Encourage students to think like global leaders in economics
  • Show that economics can be a fascinating and lively subject dealing with real life problems rather than just abstract theories being currently taught in classrooms
  • Encourage the students to apply economic concepts to real life
  • Water the seed of creativity within students

The key events at the festival include:

  • Debate Competition, Global Leaders Meet, Elocution, Essay, Quiz, Cartoon, Ad-Masters, Poster Competition, Budding Economist, Cut out da Noose, Economics Songs Competition
  • Exhibition of latest books on Economics, Business and Management
  • Thematic speeches by leading economists on current economic issues

Thematic speeches by eminent economists, industrialists and academicians have been an important part of this unique festival. Eminent personalities who spoke on various current economic issues include Shri G.N. Bajpai, Ex-Chairman SEBI, Shri C.B. Bhave, Ex-Chairman, SEBI, Shri Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Industries, Shri Minoo Shroff, President, Forum of Free Enterprise, Shri Suresh Kotak, Chairman, Kotak Group, Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Member of Planning Commission, Mr S. Ramann, Executive Director, SEBI, Dr. R.H. Patil, Chairman The Clearing Corporation of India Ltd, Shri M. N. Chaini, President (Corporate Affairs) Reliance Industries Ltd., Dr. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist Birla Group, Shri Diwakar Gupta, Chief Gen. Manager, SBI, Dr. Brinda Jagirdar, General Manager and Head, Economic Research, SBI, Dr Rupa Rege Nitsure, Chief Economist, Bank of Baroda, Dr. P.R. Joshi, Mr. S.S. Bhandare, Mr. Raghav Narsalay, Mr. R. Katoti, Ms. Tanushree Mazumdar – Economists, Shri Suresh Prabhu Current Minister for Railways, Shri Mukesh Naresh H-Energy ,Shri M.K Dattar Chief General Manager IDBI.

Over the years, Arth-Manthan has received wide coverage in the media and has inspired many other colleges to introduce similar festivals. Every year students, teachers, economists, NGOs, think tanks and other economics enthusiasts from across Maharashtra participate in Arth-Manthan. The festival has in fact become a forum for industry-academia interaction. It is a matter of pride that Arth-Manthan has become the largest festival of its kind in India and has even attracted the attention of international educationalists! Arth-Manthan was presented at the International Developments in Economics Education (DEE) Conference in Cambridge, UK on 6th and 7th September 2007.


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