Masters of Arts in Economics

Akila Maheshwari
Vice Principal (PNG Section)
Ms. Manjusha A. Katigar
Coordinator of BBI & MA Assistant Professor
Master of Arts (Economics)

Eligibility criteria :
Candidates should have graduated from a recognised board and secured a minimum of 45%

Career prospects-

  1. Government and Public Policy
    1. Economist: Analyzing economic data and trends to inform policy decisions
    2. Policy Analyst: Developing and evaluating policies for governmental agencies or think tanks.
  2. Finance and Banking
    1. Financial Analyst: Assessing the performance of investments such as stocks and bonds.
    2. Investment Banker: Assisting companies in raising capital and advising on mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Academia and Research
    1. Research Economist: Conducting research on economic issues for academic institutions, think tanks, or research organizations.
    2. Lecturer/Professor: Teaching economics at the college or university level.
  4. International Organizations
    1. Economist/Analyst: Working with organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), or United Nations, focusing on global economic issues and development.
  5. Private Sector
    1. Market Analyst: Analyzing market trends to help businesses understand economic conditions.
    2. Data Analyst: Using statistical tools to interpret complex data for businesses.

Intake Capacity -60

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