Alumni association

We have registered Alumni Association AMCAA We appeal to our Alumni for being either life members or at least annual members. They can contribute to AMCAA in many ways.
We hold

               1.            Alumni Reunion every year in Feb-March.
               2.            Arrange alumni guidance lectures called Campus to Corporate for present students.
               3.            For more details contact the AMCAA secretary.

We are proud to announce the names of our 11 Best Alumni Achievers:
  1. Mr. Krishna Waske
  2. Mr. Dhananjay Shinde
  3. Mr. Vinod Ghorpade
  4. Dr. Jitendra Limbkar
  5. Prof. Dr. Sangeeta Pawar
  6. Mr. Anil Jadhav
  7. Mr. Alex Isaac
  8. Mr. David Mendonca
  9. Mr. Santosh Manjrekar
  10. Ms. Pamala Rocha
  11. Ms. Dorothea Bangera

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