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FYBAHSC in Arts, Science & Commerce
FYBScHSC in Science
FYBComHSC in Commerce/ Science
FYBMS /  FYBAF / FYBBI / FYFM / FYBAMMC HSC in Arts, Science & Commerce
FYITHSC in Arts/ Science/ Commerce with Maths and minimum 40% marks
FYDSHSC in Arts/ Science/ Commerce with Maths (if without Maths shall take up Bridge Course in our college )
FYCSHSC in Science with Maths


  1. For Fees of the above courses refer to the fee structure in Admission tab.
  2. Statement of Marksheet and passing certificate of an Original year and Leaving Certificate need to be submitted at the time of Admission.

Rules and Regulations

Attendance Requirement

  1. Students must attend a minimum of 75 % of the lectures, practical’s, tutorials and guest lectures in each term of the academic year, failing which they will not be eligible to appear for the Semester Examination as per ordinance 6086 no VG / 01 A of 2014.
  2. Parents are advised to take special note of this mandatory condition of minimum attendance. Applications for leave of absence of their wards on account of illness or other reasons should be submitted to the College authorities on time. Such students should report to the Principal before resuming.

Dress Code

A  dress code is applicable to all students. You must wear only formal and decent dress which does neither reveal religion nor separate culture while on college campus.

You can wear a full shirt or  a half shirt, or normal trousers. Girls can wear any Indian dress, or western dress but non-revealing full formal dress.

One day in a week, on Thursday, there will be relaxation in Dress Code, however maintaining decency in dress will be a must.

Discipline and Code of Conduct

  1. Students should carry their valid COLLEGE IDENTITY CARD whenever in the college campus or representing the college at any other place. Further it should be produced for inspection on demand by the college staff.
  2. Students should refrain from indulging in any form of RAGGING which has been notified as a Cognizable offence by Govt. of Maharashtra, Resolution No. TEM/10697620/96 Dated 6-9- 1996.
  3. Students should read the NOTICE BOARDS from time to time and be informed of the instructions / information displayed for their benefit from time to time.
  4. The Government of India’s Disability Act 2016 states that persons with disabilities are entitled to equal opportunities and equal rights in all walks of life. Our college has a policy of smooth and effective implementation of all legislations relating to DIVYAN-JAN.
  5. College has an Internal Complaints constituted as per the ‘SEXUAL HARASSMENT’ of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013\’ College wishes to promote a culture of ZERO TOLERANCE towards SEXUAL HARASSMENT of any kind.
  6. Smoking, Chewing Gutka and Tobacco, taking drugs and other intoxicants are prohibited in the college campus including the canteen. Any student found violating this regulation shall be dealt with severely.
  7. Social Media should not be in any way used to the detriment of the College.
  8. Students should take care of college property and help in keeping the college campus neat and clean. Any damage caused to college property shall be paid by the students.

Statutory Committee

Sr. No.CommitteesEmail-id

Compliance Committee (ICC)
4B. C. Cell
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