Microsoft Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Course Co-ordinator Name:- Prof. Archana Jadhav
Contact no:- 99691 86454
Course :- Microsoft Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Course duration:- 35 hours

Course Objective:-

Artificial Intelligence has escalated recently due to its surging demands in industries. A career in AI & ML looks more promising than any other job available these days. The demand for AI professionals in India is rapidly increasing.

This certification program will give them an introduction about Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning concepts. Hands on Projects will give them ideas about its real time applications. It will help in the advancement of the career opportunities of the aspirants massively.

Benefits to a Student:-

  • Updated Skills and Knowledge.
  • Recognition in the Crowd of Job Seekers
  • Many Career Opportunities
  • Higher Salary

Fees:- ₹ 3600

Course Outcome:-

Understanding the Fundamentals:

The journey began with a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Participants gained insights into the core concepts, including supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, deep learning, and natural language processing.

Through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises, they developed a solid foundation upon which to build their expertise.

Exploring Real-World Applications:

One of the highlights of the course was the exploration of real-world applications of AI and machine learning across various industries. From healthcare and finance to retail and marketing, participants discovered how these technologies are revolutionizing processes, driving innovation, and creating value. Case studies and guest lectures provided valuable insights into practical implementations, inspiring participants to envision the endless possibilities of AI and machine learning.

Hands-On Experience:

Central to the learning experience was the opportunity for participants to apply their newfound knowledge in practical scenarios. Through hands-on projects and assignments, they gained valuable experience in data preprocessing, model training, evaluation, and deployment. Working with industry-standard tools and frameworks, such as Python, TensorFlow, and Microsoft Azure, participants honed their technical skills and developed a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in building and deploying AI solutions.

Collaborative Learning Environment:

The course fostered a collaborative learning environment where participants were encouraged to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and support one another's learning journey. Group discussions, peer reviews, and collaborative projects not only enhanced the learning experience but also promoted teamwork and communication skills essential for success in the field of AI and machine learning.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship:

Throughout the course, participants benefited from the guidance and mentorship of experienced instructors and industry experts. Whether through live sessions, office hours, or online forums, instructors provided invaluable support, offering insights, addressing challenges, and guiding participants towards mastery. Guest lectures and industry insights provided additional perspectives, exposing participants to real-world scenarios and best practices.

Capstone Project:

The culmination of the course was the capstone project, where participants had the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity by tackling a real-world problem using AI and machine learning techniques. From predicting stock market trends to diagnosing medical conditions, participants demonstrated their ability to leverage data and algorithms to solve complex challenges. The capstone project not only reinforced their learning but also provided a tangible demonstration of their expertise to potential employers or collaborators.

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