Introductory course of Marathi language

Course Coordinator :- Jyoti Rote
Course Name :- Introductory course of Marathi language – Marathi for All मराठी भाषा परिचय प्रमाणपत्र

Email ID:-
Course Duration:- 35 Hours

Course Objectives:-

  • To introduce Marathi language especially to Non Marathi learners.
  • Develop ability to construct sentences in Marathi language.
  • Develop ability to speak Marathi language in daily life.
  • Learning the Marathi language through practice & the study of actual literary texts.

Fees :

At 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 – 100/- for N.G.Acharya & D.K.Marathe College Student & 200/- for Outsider
( The above amount may vary due to technical reasons. )

Course Outcome:

  • As Marathi language is the official language of Maharashtra, every person of Maharashtra must know it.
  • To create sensitivity towards Marathi language, culture and literature in the mind of students.
  • To enable students to socialize through Marathi language.
  • Jobs and employment opportunities can be found in Central Government & State Government institutions.

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