Financial Modelling using Excel

Co-ordinator Name :- Akila Maheshwari
Course :- Financial Modelling using Excel
Contact No :- 9004849550
Email id :-
Course duration :- 1 week

Course Objective :-
“Financial Modelling Using Excel” is a program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of financial modeling and its applications in business decision-making. The course covers key topics such as financial analysis, forecasting, and business planning. It is an introductory course conducted in a practical mode. It covers Financial Statement Models & Discounted Cash Flow Models

Fees :- Rs. 3500/- Plus GST

Course Outcome :-
Apart from being an excellent financial modelling tool, MS Excel is also a handy analysis and financial planning tool.

  • Data organization
  • Documentation and collaboration
  • Forecasting and planning

One of the best tools for creating accurate financial forecasts and performing complex calculations is MS Excel. Excel has an extensive range of built-in formulas and functions for creating comprehensive financial models. Businesses can make informed financial projections using Excel’s analytical capabilities

A financial modelling course can help you grasp Excel’s basic and advanced concepts for application across real-life scenarios.

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