Basic & Applied Chemistry

Course Co-ordinator Name :- Dr. Saira Mulla
Course Name :- Basic & Applied Chemistry
Course duration :- 2 Months

Course objective:
This course is designed for Arts and Commerce stream students. Objective of this course is to introduce Arts and Commerce students with basic Chemistry and how Chemistry is in our everyday life, such as Air, water, plastic pollution in the environment. Adulteration of food products etc.

Fees: 100/-

Course Outcome :
Students after completion of this course will get well versed with

  1. What is environmental pollution, what are different pollutants which cause harmful effects.
  2. How to check pH of different beverages and water. How these soft drinks and juices will harm our body if consumed in excess.
  3. They will learn to detect adulteration in food items by various tests and reagents at home also.
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